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’Mother Yang's Public Welfare Activity’ Celebrate the Children's Day Together with the Aid-Receiving Students

As the Children's Day was coming, a public welfare activity was held in Jiaxing Museum. Twenty aid-receiving students participated in the activity and spent a happy and meaningful holiday.

At the beginning, the president, Ms. Yang Yuying presented a vivid party lesson, which let the students understand the history of the Party. The stories of the little heroes died heroically for fighting the enemy made them heard to tears.

The history of the Party was the most vivid and persuasive textbook. Ms. Yang also sent two books of China’s history Party’s history to them, hoping that they could draw spiritual power from the knowledge, study hard and take responsibilities for their families when they grow up. She encouraged the students to face temporary difficulties, set up ambitions, unremitted self-improvement and progress.


Ms. Yang also brought best wishes and handed out student subsidies as well as holiday gifts such as clothes and toys. The activity was also strongly supported by Jiaxing Museum. The students visited the museum under the guidance of the docent.

On the afternoon of the same day, the volunteers brought greetings and wishes to the 32 students who could not arrive at the scene.

‘Mother Yang's Public Welfare Activity’ has continued to pair up and help students from all sectors of the society. By means of student assistance and donations to make each pair of students feel the warmth and care from the society and transfer positive energy.