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STL Holds 2021 Q1 Work Management Conference

On April 10th, STL held the 2021 Q1 Work Management Conference at HQ. Chairman and President Mr. Yang Weidong, Deputy Chairman Mr. Ma Guolin, Ms. Yang Yuying, VP Mr. Gao Jun, Mr. Shen Xiaowei, Mr. Lu Weiwei attended as well as staff above assistant level from HQ and 2 bases. Lianyungang Base attended through network. There were two agendas. First, looking back of the progression of Q1 managing target and key work by summarizing experiences and lessons, analyzing misunderstandings and shortcomings. Second, deploying and planning all targets in Q2, seizing the new developing stage, creating new advantages for development, striving for the Q2 target.

Mr. Gao Jun announced the recipients of the 2021 Q1 Production Controllable Cost Control Awards. He also created the Safety Committee Work Report of Q1. In the report, he comprehensively summarized safety and environmental protection work, firmly established the safety and environmental protection concept, and put forward five aspects of requirements.

Entrusted by the management team, Mr. Lu Weiwei created the Q1 Work Management Report, ordering the completed key work and shortcomings during work in Q1 and defining targets and key work in Q2.

At last, Mr. Yang Weidong made an important speech. He said all these achievements was not easy to gain. He hoped that everyone could make persistent efforts. At the same time, he asked all staff to replay Q1 work and fight for Q2. He also proposed the new ways of thinking about professional and international high quality career manager and put forward five requirements.