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The Second Meeting of the Second President's Office of Zhejiang Chemical Safety Association was Held in STL

From Sep. 14th to 15th, the second meeting of the second president’s office of Zhejiang Chemical Safety Association was held in STL. First President, Mr. Dong Guoqing, Second President, Mr. Sun Shaowen, Chairman and President of STL, Mr. Yang Weidong attended. Over 20 members presented. VP of STL, Mr. Gao Jun as well as Director Assistant of HSE, Ms. Jiang Bo accompanied.


On Sep. 14th, the Association delegation visited the Staff Culture Club, ‘Xinghe’ Library and the Party Exhibition Hall. They also learned about the HSE philosophy, management system and various measures under the presentation of Safety & Environmental Director of HSE, Mr. Tang Zaifeng.



On Sep. 15th, the Second Meeting of the Second President’s Office was formally convened which was hosted by Mr. Sun Shaowen. At the beginning, Mr. Yang Weidong presented warm welcome to all the representatives from other enterprises. He also appreciated the assistance from the association. He expressed that STL developed through constantly learning and growing, and the association provided an equal communication platform for all chemical companies. STL would keep learning from other outstanding companies, based on integration of light hydrocarbons, to build a low carbon chemical new materials science and technology company which continuously contributed to regional economic development and the goal of ‘common prosperity’. At last, he wished the meeting a complete success.


Mr. Zeng Guoqing thanked the great support from STL. He expressed high appreciation to the culture construction, HSE management and Party construction as well as his admire to Mr. Yang’s entrepreneurship. He pointed out that the association provided a platform to communicate with the best entrepreneurs and engineers in the industry. What is more, it also created opportunities for everyone to learn from the first class enterprises. He hoped that everyone could take advantage of this opportunity, learn from each other to promote the development and progress of each enterprise and contribute to the industry as well as the society.


During the meeting, Secretary General of the Association, Ms. Kong Min made the Working Report from January to August, 2021. She also reported the pecuniary condition from October, 2020 to June, 2021.


At last, the participants discussed on the policy orientation, enterprise development status, association working plan for the next stage, industry status and future trend, etc. they put forward various advices for the association as well.


The Meeting examined and approved the personnel change of the VP, the matters of the units joining and leaving as well as the list of members of the Expert Advisory Committee (Specially Appointed Experts). On the premise of retaining the original 94 members, 27 new members was added. All the participants voted and passed the deliberations.