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Mr. Wu Zhenglong, Governor of Jiangsu Province Made Field Research on Lianyungang Base

On Sep. 9th, during the period of research in Lianyungang, accompanied by municipal leaders Mr. Fang Wei, Mr. Ma Shiguang, Mr. Huang Yuanzheng and Mr. Shi Haibo, Mr. Wu Zhenglong, Governor of Jiangsu Province, went to Lianyungang Petrochemical to investigate the construction and production of ‘Carbon Peak’, ‘Carbon Neutral’ and major projects. Mr. Yang Weidong, Chairman and President of STL, Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, GM of Lianyungang Base accompanied.


Mr. Wu Zhenglong came to plants site along with the main avenue. It was his second trip to visit Lianyungang Petrochemical. Since June 2020, from construction to operation, there had taken place a huge change in the factory. Mr. Wu Zhenglong fully affirmed the spirit of STL. He also learned more about the construction, production, operation, safety, environmental protection as well as epidemic prevention and control in details. What is more, he also helped corporation solve difficulties and problems. 



As the representative of STL, Mr. Yang Weidong thanked to the long-term  support from provincial and municipal leaders. The first stage of the project was put into production and the second stage was in its construction phase as many plants would come to mechanical handover one after the other which would further promote green low-carbon and circular development, carry forward the national strategy for new energy and new materials. As the major projects of Jiangsu Province, STL would take the ‘Fourteenth Five-Year Plan’ as direction, better shoulder the major mission of ‘setting an example, setting a benchmark, leading the way’, based on light hydrocarbon integration by using light and green energy source to build a low-carbon chemical new material technology company in order to help achieve China’s ‘Dual Carbon’ goal by technology innovation and promote ‘Common Prosperity’.


Mr. Wu Zhenglong stated that government would continue to actively coordinate and fully support the construction and development of the project. He emphasized to fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development philosophy, to grasp the opportunities and challenges brought by ‘Carbon Peak’ and ‘Carbon Neutral’, to take the international advanced level as standard, to strengthen innovation motivation, to focus on core technologies such as carbon capture and comprehensive utilization, to improve safety and environmental protection management, to prevent pollution, to make efforts to save energy and reduce emissions. Project should set a benchmark for safe, green, low-carbon, circular and high-quality development by the most advanced technologies, most strict requirements and highest standards.