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STL Holds 2021 Semi-Annual Operation Summary Meeting Successfully

On July 16th, STL held 2021 Semi-Annual Operation Summary meeting. Chairman and President Mr. Yang Weidong, Deputy Chairman Mr. Ma Guolin, Ms. Yang Yuying, VP Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, Mr. Gao Jun, Mr. Shen Xiaowei, Mr. Lu Weiwei attended as well as staff above Workshop Director Assistant level from HQ and 2 bases. Lianyungang Base attended through network. 


HRD Ms. Bai Wei made a presentation about leader’s standard named ‘Big Dipper’ which unified understanding and defined leader’s standard as well as requirements. It would provide a direction and help to promote the leaders building.


Mr. Gao Jun announced 2021 Q2 Production Control Cost Award and Semi- Annual Benchmarking Prize. The prizewinners and representatives accepted the awards.


Mr. Shen Xiaowei announced 2 files about setting up 2 leading groups. Representatives made statement that they would spare no efforts and complete the mission.


4 operation groups’ representatives made management statement. They would focus on key works and do their best to achieve the goals for the second half of the year.


Entrusted by the management team, Mr. Zhu Xiaodong created the Semi-Annual Operation Report, which reviewed the main operation condition and key works, pointed out the work which should be done but was not, and make a comprehensive plan as well as clear requirements for the work in the next half year.

DSC09654~1.jpg     Mr. Yang Weidong made an important speech. First of all, on behalf of the Board, he expressed his sincere congratulations to the teams and individuals who received the recognition. What’s more, he expressed his thanks to staff who devoted themselves in the first half of the year and inspired them to keep up the hard work to help make better results again. According to the second half, he raised some requirements.

Highly identify with STL Culture, improve ‘Cultural Self-Consciousness’ & ‘Cultural Confidence’.

1. Highly identify with STL Culture

2. Culture must be internalized in the mind, externalized in the action

Strengthen basic management, identify ‘Standard’ & ‘Process’

1. Same STL, Same standard

2. Look at benchmark, embrace change

Improve execution, implement ‘Special Project Propulsion’ & ‘Optimization & Improvements’

1. Strengthen execution, valued by contribution & capacity

2. Sincere communication, mutual achievement

DSC09651~1.jpg     The meeting centered on the main keynote at the beginning of the year, summarized and reviewed the Semi-Annual Operation targets as well as progress in key work, summarized experience, and lessons, analyzed deviations and deficiencies, deployed, and strived to the objectives for the second half of the year, which present gift for the 10th anniversary of the IPO.