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Lianyungang Petrochemical Ethylene Comprehensive Utilization Project Officially Puts into Operation

On May 20th, Lianyungang Petrochemical, Ltd held a grand production ceremony of ethylene comprehensive utilization project. Municipal party Secretary of Lianyungang, Mr. Xiang Xuelong announced that the product made successful commissioning. The Mayor, Mr. Fang Wei made a speech. The Chairman and President of STL, Mr. Yang Weidong, VP of STL, GM of Lianyungang Base, Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, City Leaders Hu Jianjun and Huang Yuanzheng all attended. The ceremony was hosted by the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xuwei New District, Mr. Shi Haibo. District leaders, Mr. Zhao Houfeng, Mr. Feng Qishan, Mr. Lu Zhongbao, etc., head of relevant departments as well as Enterprise Representatives attended the activities.


Lianyungang Project which is major projects of Jiangsu province is located in Xuwei New District, one of seven National Petrochemical Industrial Parks. The total investment is 38.36 billion RMB. It adopts the world’s leading technology to build combined units which product 1.35 million PE t/a, 2.19 million EOE t/and 0.26 million ACN t/a. The products include PE, EO, EG and other more than 10 kinds. It can make a great importance to enrich and optimize the industrial structure of the park, recognize the mutual supply of raw materials within the park and extend core industrial chain after up and running.


Since settled in Xuwei New District in Sep 2017, under the high attention and kindly care from leaders at all levels, the project finished mechanical handover on Dec. 29th, 2020 and successfully entered the production preparation and trial production stage. From tidal flats to units, all builders worked day and night, making efforts to achieve an instant operation safely and stably. Today, the full operation of Lianyungang Petrochemical plays an important role which is resulted by the efforts of all the staff as well as carrying the infinite hope of STL’s future development.


Mr. Fang Wei expressed that the attitude of all builders reflected the striving and pioneering spirit of private enterprise. The project was in line with the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan for Development. The production would powerfully drive the collaborative development of high value-added industrial chain such as polymer new materials, engineering materials and fiber materials in the downstream of Lianyungang Petrochemical Industry Base which plays a role in accelerating the upgrades of the city’s industrial structure, promoting high-quality coastal development, building ‘One Belt and One Road’ fulcrum and servicing for new development pattern. He hoped that Lianyungang Petrochemical could continue to do a good job in the supplying, extending, and strengthening of the existing industry. What is more, aiming at the world’s first-class level in environmental protection, safety, technology, input-output, and quality brand, etc., focusing on innovation-driven development and accelerating the digital transformation of industry, fully creating a model of clean energy, green, low-carbon and recycling industry in order to make a bigger contribution to build the city to be a world-class Petrochemical Industrial Base.


Mr. Yang Weidong thanked everyone for support of governments and departments at all levels. He said that the project condensed the hard work and sweat of all Satellite people. STL firmly promoted the developing strategy of ‘light hydrocarbon integration to create low-carbon chemical new materials and the high-quality developing direction of ‘integrating’, ‘scaling’ and ‘scientific’ industrial chain in Xuwei New District. In the future, we would actively carry out international cooperation, deeply layout industry such as research and development of high-end new materials and high efficiency catalyst, continue to force the fields including hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization and carbon dioxide capture and utilization in order to in line with the country’s 14th Five- Year Plan, actively promoting ‘carbon peak’ and achieve ‘carbon neutral’. STL will always put safety and environment protection first place to ensure safe stable highly efficient green and clean operation, to create a world-class industrial base which let the government and employees gain reassurance, realize the target of ‘early input, early production and early result’ in order to contribute to the regional economic development of Lianyungang and Xuwei New District.