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STL Fights Covid-19 & Maintains Production Several Ways

This spring is abnormal.

The sudden epidemic pauses people’s lives in many cities.

STL always prioritizes the health and safety of its employees.

Deployment in advance.

Respond actively.

STL does well in this ‘examination’.


Conferences and Institutions

At the beginning of the epidemic, the board of directors attached great importance and immediately set up a working group to implement grid management. For the first time, Mr. Yang Weidong, Chairman of STL, convened a special session to plan work on epidemic prevention, production, and supplementation in order to ensure both aspects. STL also formulated 12 relevant policies according to the changing situation, which fully stipulated staff, visitors, production, logistics, general and administrative affairs in order to ensure no corner was missed.



Due to the epidemic’s prevention and control, many staff could not go back home. STL made an urgent purchase, including 265 beds and 938 quilts, and settled 1164 staff in dormitories and factories.


Everyone has family. Everyone has anxiety. No one knows when they will  go home. Why did you choose to go to the anti-epidemic front? Because you know, only when  society was safe could we have peace in our own family.




The epidemic could not stop production. In order to prevent external input, STL implemented closed-loop management for all external vehicles. The special-assigned person was in charge of sticking seals and guiding, which ensured that logistics would not be influenced by the epidemic and the virus would not be input from outside.


Although the situation was very strict. The warmth was still flowing between people. STL set up a rest place outside of the factory for those drivers, which brought the care to them.



NAT and Epidemiological Survey

At the beginning of the epidemic, the program popped up online. Staff could fill in information about vaccinations, health conditions, and flow records. All the data would be gathered by the relevant department, which would help to understand the whole situation accurately.


With the extension of the epidemic, cities and districts carried out total NAT one after another. STL asked medical testing institutions to enter the company to carry out NAT, which was the most scientifically, safe, and efficient way.



Food Supply

Considering the risks of going to markets and supermarkets, STL opened a market in the canteen which sold vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, deli, etc. All food was sold at cost, which reduced the risk of going out and also provided the greatest convenience and benefits for staff.



Volunteer Service

The more difficult the situation, the more responsibility there is. Party Member Volunteer Team of STL took turns on duty to check the health code and measure body temperature for the first time. The Labor Union and Youth League Committee followed up later to contribute to epidemic prevention.


What is more, they also went to several communities. They stood guard, made calls, and released emotions.



The virus will pass away.

Light is on the way.

No relax.

We will win our victory and have a wonderful life.