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STL Was Named One of Jiaxing's Top 10 Outstanding Private Enterprises

On February 8th, the Jiaxing Tertiary Cadres Conference and the High-Quality Development Conference of Municipal Private Economy was held. Municipal Party secretary Mr. Zhang Bing, Acting Mayor Mr. Li Jun attended. Over 300 private entrepreneurs were present.


Mr. Zhang Bing made an important speech at the meeting. He concluded the “shining moments” in the past year with five “this year”. He pointed out that the wonderful condition right now was created by all people. He emphasized many times that the role of private enterprises in helping the development of the city was undoubtable, irreplaceable, and indelible. The inspiring words spread power, confidence, and energy to all those present.


“The history as well as the reality proves that private enterprises are the biggest characteristic and superiority of Jiaxing”. From the past to the future, they are indispensable supporters.  

Private entrepreneurs are the pressured resources, wealth, and strength from the past to the future. The words were full of his recognition.


In the new year, the Municipal Party of Jiaxing will carry out “the year of project forward, the year of service optimization, the year of livelihood promotion”, in order to drive the model city’s high-quality development and construction of the Co-prosperity Demonstration Area through ten ways.


The conference commended several departments and companies. STL was named one of the "Top 10 Outstanding Private Enterprises in Jiaxing. " Chairman Mr. Yang Weidong accepted the prize and made a statement.


Mr. Yang Weidong said, in the past year, the STL Group was correctly led by the Municipal Party and Government, greatly supported by relevant departments. We insisted on the core value, “individuals develop with enterprise, enterprise develops with society,” which resulted in the best performance ever. In 2021, the group realized over 50 billion RMB in sales revenue and over 9 billion RMB in profit and tax, settling a new record in every business category.


He pointed out that the year 2022 was significant. STL always insists on the development path of “industry + capital”, high-quality development, real economy, innovation, and international strategy.


Insist on “High-Quality Development by Capital”

Construct a financial structure through capital market refinancing. STL will be a core improvement in stability, accelerating the project construction, consolidating the inner developing base, and realizing 10 categories of products put on the market. Through “Epitaxial Development Model,”, STL will promote joint ventures and cooperation with TOP 500 foreign enterprises in order to realize a major breakthrough in relevant high-end industries. Through mergers and acquisitions, they strengthen, replenish, and optimize the industrial chain in order to enhance core competitiveness.


Insist on “International Development by Capital”

In 2022, STL will promote international project operations by producing low-carbon raw materials for chemical new materials in China, in order to build a "carbon peak carbon neutral" green development benchmarking enterprise. Based on exporting to Southeast Asia and East Europe, STL will thoroughly explore the market of “One Belt One Road,” thoroughly using the inside and outside market as well as resources, which realizes more powerful and sustainable development. Otherwise, set up platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship and recruit business partners all around the world.


Insist on “Technology Innovation by Capital Fusion”

In the next 5 years, STL will focus on “Science and Technology Creates Future,” struggling to build a low-carbon chemical new material technological company through “HQ economy driving HQ science and technology”. In 2022, STL will start to build Global R&D Center. Over 1 billion RMB will be invested in R & D, mainly to build 3 creation platforms in order to form a large number of proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights.


He emphasized that China's sustaining economic development trend had not changed and that the country was in an important strategic period.  

STL will seize opportunities, continuously generating taxes for the regional economy, generating profits for investors and generating income for employees. STL will fight for the Top 500 in the world, Top 50 in the world chemical industry in the next five years.


This year marks the 30th year since the foundation of STL. In 2022, STL will keep our mission, shoulder the responsibility, and contribute to the construction and development of Jiaxing.