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STL Holds 2021 Q3 Operation Summary Meeting

Oct. 13th, STL held 2021 Q3 Operation Summary Meeting. Chairman and President Mr. Yang Weidong, Deputy Chairman Mr. Ma Guolin, Ms. Yang Yuying, VP Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, Mr. Gao Jun, Mr. Shen Xiaowei, Mr. Lu Weiwei attended as well as staff above Workshop Director Assistant level from HQ and two other bases. Lianyungang Base and US Branch attended via network. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Gao Jun.


Mr. Zhu Xiaodong announced 2021 Q3 Production Control Cost Award. The prizewinners and representatives accepted the awards.

Entrusted by the management team, Mr. Shen Xiaowei created the Q3 Operation Report, which fully summarized the main operation condition and key works, affirmed the achievements, reflected the deficiencies, further clarified the operation concept and make every effort to ensure the completion of the goals in Q4.

At last, Mr. Yang Weidong made an important speech. He firstly acknowledged the achievements in Q3 and expressed appreciation to all staff on behalf of the board. He pointed out that Q4 would be the key moment between the past and the next, which will be the ending of the First ‘Five-Year Plan’ and the beginning of the second ‘Five-Year Plan’. STL should get ready for the relay and grab the runway. According to the operation in Q4, he raised two requirements.


· Enhance organizational consciousness, build organizational platform, empower organizational construction, and continuously promote ‘Consolidating foundation management, strengthening cadre team’

1.Enhance organizational consciousness, create value by organization

2.Empower organizational construction, accelerate ‘Assistant System’ and knowledge accumulation

3.Strengthening organizational management, improve ‘standardization, process, institutionalization’

· Strive to create value, correctly evaluate value, reasonably share value and accurate value incentive mechanism

1.Create value based on benefits

2.Evaluate value based on results

3.Share value based on contribution

The meeting stood at the intersection of two Five-Year. Insisting on ‘Technology Creates the Future’, STL would realized the integration, scale and hi-tech industrial development guided by talents and innovation. What is more, STL would purpose on improving economic efficiency, to build a first-class low carbon new materials science and technology enterprise based on the integration of light hydrocarbons, which constantly creating values for society, shareholders and employees as well as celebrating the 10th anniversary of going public and the 30th anniversary of entrepreneurship.