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Ethylene oxide
High density polyethylene
Ethylene Glycol
Polycarboxylic monomer
Acrylic acid and acrylic ester
Super Absorbent Polymer
Polymer emulsion and resin
Pigment intermediate
Hydrogen peroxide
01/ 07
Company Profile
Satellite Petrochemical (abbr. STL) is a global leader in acrylic acid and the leading domestic large-scale manufacture that spans the entire industry chain of acrylic acid, acrylate ester, polymer emulsion, functional polymer material, and also engages in C2 and C3 industrial chain, by persistently pushing forward with high-tech and service innovation. We are committed to becoming China’s best diversified chemical company by focusing on technologies and services.
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Help People In Need
Help families in poverty by providing life necessities and encourage them to overcome difficulties and regain confidence.
Student Assistance Program
Help poverty students to carry out activities, send books as holiday gifts, and provide educational fund to carry out continuous student assistance.
Spread Good Manner
Spread positive energy and lead new social trends